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Tambo Crossing first came into being as a hotel and
horse changing station. As such, its beginning dates to
the 1840's. Its a lovely part of the old shire enjoying milder weather and more reliable rainfall (generally).

Keith Mc D Fairweathers' book, "Time to Remember"
provides the following information on early Tambo
"The Sir Walter Scott hotel at Tambo Crossing
was one of the earliest hotels on valley road, but some
confusion exists as to whether it was the first or the second. Like most early hotels it was also a store and changing place for the coach horses. Some 30 people
are buried in the Tambo Crossing Cemetery. Beside the
Mc Dougals (hotel owners), there is a Mrs Moag, told of
in a previous chapter, and a man who Mr Win Dean has
told me was shot during an argument over some cattle. They (the cattle) in fact belonged to the person who was shot.
He had found them yarded by another person, who
warned him that if he claimed them he would be shot. Determined to have what was his own, he persisted in claiming them. The other man, being as good as his
word too, then shot him. There would also be the coach driver who lost his life on the Fainting Range, as well as number of chinese who had worked the Tambo for gold, below the mouth of the Haunted Stream."

  Today, the area is used for grazing with a few holiday houses on some of the old titles.