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Heritage Council Victoria website carries
a Statement of Significance for the
Omeo Justice Precinct.
Its Number is H1536.
Please click here to see a PDF file.

Newspaper article circa 1865
The statement of significance is an excellent way of becoming informed as to the importance of this site.
It does not however recognize that the Omeo Historical Society Local History Collection >>>
is housed throughout the buildings and that the collection is very important and significant in a local sense.
This is not a fault of the Statement of significance which is not meant
to "see" anything other than the Precinct grounds and buildings.
See the Statements for other areas below---


Cassilis Gold Mining Company treatment
works in Powers Gully,  H1941
Victoria Falls at Cobungra, site of Victoria's first Hydro Electric plant built specifically to provide power to the Cassilis Gold Mining Co. plant
Odells Gully, near Cassilis and Brookville,
here H1275
Mt Hepburn or King Cassilis mine where most of the relics from around Cassilis are located,
here, H1940

We recommend that you visit Heritage Victoria website for the latest and most
complete Statements of Significance, and of course a full listing of all sites.  HERE