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Proposed Swifts Creek street display. Steam engine, converted to compressor.

So here we have it. Because it was gutted to work as a compressor we reckon it weighs in at about 5 ton.
In the below left photo you can see on another (but same brand and just a bit bigger) engine the front section that carried the exhaust stack (folded down on other engine).

This has been cut off. The pulley wheel is well seized and wont turn and virtually all removable bits already have been, perfect for public display.

Its dimensions are:
Overall length; 3.5 metre
Wheel base length; 1940 mm
Wheel base width; 1800 mm (outside of rim measurement)
Rims width; 175mm, say 200mm
Height (to top of wheel); 2.75 metre
Rear overhang (measure from axle); approx 850mm
Front; approx 750mm
Weight; about 5 ton.

Traces of original paint are clearly visible in this
flash enhanced shot. If anyone is saying "oh what a shame its not all painted red and gold" then shame on you. The fact that this is original and showing its life story is a feature not a

Whether at 90 degrees or angled, the front should point to the centre of the road. The front wheels could be turned somewhat?

(left) This section on either side of the boiler still shows the original paint and traces of pinstriping. It may be possible to obtain a picture of original for the interpretive signage.
We will look at putting a clear protective coating over this area to both preserve and protect against graffiti

Below, rear and wheels, no mystery as to maker.
Marshall & Son Gainsborough England.
All specifications etc will be known for signage.

Left and below, different views of site. Roughly measuring across the approx middle in both axis gives about 9 metres suggesting there is plenty of room. With rear of engine close to gutter the engine would be clearly visible coming up the road.

The scale might be something like that below.