Significant Town buildings, Schools, Roads and bridges and the vehicles on them. Some pics of Omeo Shire.

Omeo Shire was created in 1872.

King George coronation, 1911

The "new" courthouse from an unusual angle. Nth end of building.

The "low" road to Glen Wills when new, 1908.

Probably the straight wher it crosses the Bundara River.

Blue Duck school, circa 1910
Mt Hotham on the west side.
Lake Omeo speedboat and shi raceing 1972

Lake Omeo, 1890,s

Note shallow water.

Golden Age and Rodgers store from the west. Both lost in 1939 fires.

one of two closeups from larger but faded image.

from the above pic

Carriage Range, Bindi.

2003 fires have revealed the rock banding.

From helicopter.

1700 cassilis rd from mt delusion rd.