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an area of great heritage value.

The Haunted Stream area has a long history which
is of interest to the Omeo Historical Society because
the area lies within what was the Omeo Shire. The society was named when the shire existed and so, like some other local groups, the name Omeo actually refers to the whole (old) Omeo Shire, not just the town.

    The water is still a bit dirty, the fire here quite hot.
Why this area is suddenly becoming a focus is because in the same way that the extensive 2003 fires exposed the amazing and forgotten extent of old mining activities and settlements so it has happened again following the 2006-07 fires but this time in the Haunted Stream area.

  Mines are everywhere, this one goes under the road with vertical risers
up the hill on high side of road. This is the mine being test drilled (below)
Haunted Stream valley experienced very hot fires in
some places, much cooler in others and some was
not burnt at all but the overall effect has been to lay
bare the signs of old settlement and the mining relics
that might still remain. The area has been scavenged
for scrap metal over the years and of course  souvenir hunters have been active.
So what remains might only be a bare patch and an old chimney or fireplace or the stub of a water wheel  with its rockwork and it is that which has become very apparent in the post fire period.

  Drilling had happened in the last day or two, the drill rig was a kilometer
or so ahead at the Sterling township site.
So, the Omeo Historical Society has been keen to get in and have a look at the earliest opportunity and that has occurred in May 2007 with an invitation to accompany DSE officers on, firstly an inspection, but followed by some assistance to Map the area. They are using GPS equipment to locate the sites of interest so that at a future time they can again be accessed and more thoroughly studied. The society assistance with mapping has been limited but our duty is also to try and make sure that the relevant authorities pay the proper level of attention to what is a very significant and interesting area. Hence we have this site which will attempt to provide a story of what has and will take place. We hope you will find it of interest and please, if you are able to add to the story in any way email here

Please use the following links to see the rest of the
story which will be updated as often as is practical.
Sites of buildings are everywhere, mostly close to the road. Bridal tracks
lead off up most gullies and ridges. The sound of logging taking place up
on the Angora Range is quite clear at times.


Stirling Cemetery

Stirling School Dogtown Map <<<links will be active soon