Welcome to the Crossley engine restoration project.

Department of Sustainability, Swifts Creek, Omeo Historical Society, East Gippsland Shire Council along with private individuals are
working to bring about the restoration and public display of the Crossley Gas engine.

This engine is understood to be the only example of its type left in the world and although disassembled almost all of the parts are present
and in good order. After being separated for some years, these parts are now all located in a secure facility at DSE where the restoration will
take place.

The purpose of this site is to provide interested persons with images of the project as it progresses while inviting further information , parts
or other assistance. There are a number of pictures of the engine in position near Wattle Circle before its removal in 1988. We would be really
pleased to hear from anyone who can help.

And we have indeed heard from someone who can help. And its been absolutely fantastic. All the way from Spain this group has provided photos information and more. We would really like to thank them and provide a link to their website.

Use these links to have a look around----


original pictures

the army story

engine parts various locations

coming together, the recovery

whats missing


Mal's story

email:  Malcolm.Smith@dse.vic.gov.au