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The Cassilis Recreation Reserve was created in 1896 when the area was experiencing a gold mining boom.
Actually called the Jirnkee Recreation Reserve (parish of Jirnkee) it served the areas later called Tongio West and Cassilis.

This image was taken in 1897 on November 8th and was titled  "Long Gully Sports Day". With the Reserve being declared in October 1896 this must have been one of the first events held. At this time the area was called Long Gully. It is about 17kms long and includes the town of Swifts Creek at its mouth but at this time seems to have been focused on  Cassilis and Tongio West.

Swifts Creek at that time was very small and did not have its own Recreation Reserve. After the gold boom ended in about 1915 Cassilis and Tongio West declined to become ghost towns while Swifts Creek grew.

This image demonstrates the optimism of the time.

Copies of the documents creating the Reserve

After a long decline, 1994 saw local residents become active at the Reserve. Markets, a stage and fencing projects saw a transformation.


Day visits are encouraged, the historic Cassilis Cemetery is adjacent and has seen a parallel transformation over the same period and involving the same local volunteers.
The reserve allows casual camping.



April 2006 has seen new toilets established.
Left, the champagne opening of the new toilets.
Other projects to provide shelter and picnic facilities have been begun or are coming soon.
The toilets at the early stages.