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The Cassilis Cemetery is located in Cemetery Gully which runs off the Cassilis Road at what was about the border between Cassilis and Tongio west. It served the Long Gully area which
consisted of Tongio West and Cassilis but also may have included Swifts Creek. Swifts Creek had land set aside for a cemetery but it has never been developed. Deaths in Swifts Creek would usually have been buried at Cassilis or Ensay.
The cemetery is still a cemetery but no longer open for burials.
It is cared for by community members. Due to its partial
deliberate destruction in the early 1960s only 12 headstones remain. There are many mounds but most of the 200 or so burial sites were destroyed. First burial was of an infant in 1870, the last in 1926, also of an infant.
The Cemetery is adjacent to the Cassilis Recreation Reserve
which is actually named the Jirnkee Recreation Reserve.
Jirnkee was the Parish to which Cassilis and Tongio West
belonged. The Reserve was established in 1896 when the
area was near its peak and so the naming was possibly to avoid the usual argument about who was the bigger/best town.

Cassilis Cemetery 1999

March 2007 and the Haughton family gathered at the Cemetery to dedicate a memorial for
their descendants who are buried here.
It was actually raining which is rare enough in Cassilis but particularly in the ongoing drought.

Swifts Creek Secondary College students
investigating the local history during 2005.