Cassilis features strongly in the overall Omeo Region
story and should always be considered as including Tongio
West. The two towns adjoined. The Cassilis goldfields were among the richest in the state. However once the gold rush
was over there was nothing to sustain Cassilis or the other
nearby small settlements. Cassilis was typical of a small
shanty mining town of which there were many.
They all have an interesting story or two to tell.

Today the area is farming and rural residential in nature
with some historic relics from the mining era (see link below).
Gold mining remains a possibility but is not likely to achieve
the levels of activity of the boom years.

Nothing remains of the township, the site of the Cassilis
Hotel is today, fittingly, occupied by the Mt Markey Winery.
If visiting, ask Howard or Christine to show you  the foundations
of the old hotel. Cemetery Gully still contains the historic cemetery and the recreation reserve, both lovingly tended by
local residents
(see links below)


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Winters Store at Cassilis, the last store to close, around 1940

Cassilis Township, circa 1906. Hotel is right bottom.