these type of tours stopped in 2018 and are only now starting to come
back with this visit on Tuesday 17th October 2023 from Spirit Travel.

Heres a pic from that last tour by this company in
2018 with Jeff Cooper in the Historic park.

At the moment the public are not able to enter the Park because of the ongoing conservation work but
the "new" court is available and so, after Jeff took the bus on a heritage tour of Omeo Town the group
disembarked in front of the Courthouse, visited the take aways for a bite for lunch and visited the Courthouse
in small groups.
Graeme and Jeff met the bus arriving via Mt Hotham. The group was Yea Probus Club.
The secretary of the Yea Historical Society was one of the visitors.

Jeff headed off to do the Town Tour, only true tales were told!
Thats Tony, the bus tour guide next to Jeff.
The "New" court still has painting to be completed and that will happen over summer but visitors still enjoy their visit.

Signing the visitors book. Clerk of Courts room and one still be painted and timber refinished.
More views of the "New" Court here if you would like to see that

or just for the Society home page.